ePortfolios: How you as a student use them and how they influence your learning



Attention Student Users of an ePortfolio:

Niall Dew, University of Huddersfield, invites you to participate in a short online survey.

The survey will explore how you, as a student, use ePortfolios, and how the ePortfolio influences your learning.

Any information received from you will be anonymised and not identify you or your university, but will provide data for Niall’s PhD research which could then be written up for publication/presentation.

Niall would therefore like to invite you to participate in the online survey which should take no more than 20 minutes to complete and consists of multiple choice and open questions.

This survey can be completed by clicking this link http://www.survey.bris.ac.uk/hud/aeport or copying it to your web-browser.

The closing date for the online survey is the 1st of March 2014.

Example questions being asking are around what you put in your ePortfolio, and the positive and negative aspects of ePortfolio…

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