Think Work Play: 10 Minutes a Day

Social Media Strategy

Business owners who struggle to maintain their Social Media Facebook Business Page, to reach good engagement levels on their own, need a plan. The Think Work Play concept involves a schedule of activities, with each step completed within a 10 minute time-frame. The cycle takes a week to complete.

Think Work Play, Think Work Play, Rest, week in week out, for 10 minutes a day.

Why not give it a whirl? Here’s how:

Think: the 10 minute task to inspire

We allocate 10 minutes to commence work “in” this task, however we know as humans whatever we think about will seep into the rest of our day “incubation style”. Our thinking will evolve. So, the first time you do this task it might be a question “What am I going to do with my page?“. You could write random words, reread your own website, read a relevant article, or simply looks through magazines. The idea is to stimulate thought. From this your ideas will flow.

Once you get the hang of it, your questions might sounds more like “What trends am I seeing in my industry?” or “If I look back over my week, where have my thoughts gone?” or “What have my customers been talking about?“. Let your ideas evolve and don’t be afraid to engage on subjects that you are interested in.

In essence, you are “activating thought“.

Your action will be to write down messages, quotes, thoughts, or save and copy information that you can use. You might wish to keep a folder in your computer specifically for this – keep it all, it could be used at any time, and also, you would start a journal. A journal gives you the benefit to see how your thoughts have evolved over time, and you can always repeat or expand on a theme that you had developed earlier. Basically, it’s all good content aimed to help you WORK.

Work: the 10 minute task to complete

In any business there is back office work. In the social medias, this means writing status messages, articles and uploading images to create scheduled posts. We allocate this 10 minute session to generate and schedule enough for a week of posts. You will draw on content generated from your thinking – and play – phases. The Facebook Page Manager makes this task very simple to complete from your mobile phone, however you can also do this on your computer.

The content delivery (ie scheduled posts) are best completed in three parts; one part inspiration, one part conversational and one part sensational.

In a practical sense, this means:

  1. a pretty picture with a quote or some thing cute or amazing or a wow factor
  2. a “did you know” or a question, or a topic to discuss or other such item that is general ie not directly associated with your business but related to your industry
  3. a direct sale or link to your business or website, and a call to action.

So, let’s get cracking. Off to work we go!

Play: the 10 minute task to create

All work, no play, makes Jack a dull boy.

The Think Work Play process is cyclic and as you continue to do this over the coming weeks, you will realise that the majority of your time will be generating content stimulated by your thoughts, so that you have something to Work on. So, it is important to introduce the element of Play.

This task involves looking through your own notes or articles to consider and generate a new “marketing campaign” or a competition or something else that you can use on your page to keep it light and fun. It might mean you devise a fun image collection using a suitable software package, it might mean you take a whole heap of interesting photos of your shop or products that you can add to your content collection.

Repeat: Think Work Play

The tasks need to be repeated to finish your week. In a scheduling sense this means you Think on Mondays and Thursdays, Work on Tuesdays and Fridays and Play on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Seem fair?

Rest: the task to have a life

We name Sunday as the day of rest, as we all need a break. Six days a week is enough in anyone’s business. It is crucial in the social medias as thinking needs as much time to rest as it does to activate. It’s letting the brain do what it’s good at – incubating and evolving ideas. So, have a day of rest, forget about your Facebook page and enjoy your weekend.

Think Work Play Think Work Play Rest, week in week out, for 10 minutes a day.

By repeating these steps each week, day in and day out, you will establish a good social media presence and will start to see engagement results with your customers and followers. Be real about your time but keep on keeping on. As this process is cyclic – the days and weeks will blur – as will the content. Your work will become seemless – and the 10 minute routine tasks effortless.

Remember, think work play think work play rest.

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