7 Reasons to Use Short Videos a.k.a. TwitComs

Reference to the Twitcom video style emerged initially via my published book “Unearthing” back in 2011. The philosophy is to provide digestible bite sized videos. Easy right?

A TwitCom is essentially like a TV commercial delivering a specific message with a twist.

“Twit” was the selected name reference as we create written status update messages from only 120 characters, so why not provide video footage of 1 minute 20 seconds? Viewers don’t get as bored as its quick and stimulates two of the five senses.

The Twitcom provides a quick snap shot of an idea or gets your message across quickly.

Businesses can quickly introduce themselves, explain what they do, and tell how they help solve their customer’s problems. All without the worry that, in the instance of YouTube clips, viewers won’t select “Skip Ad”.

Here’s 7 reasons why a Twitcom will help your business.

  1. More Engaging: Video will get your message across quickly using the senses. No time for boredom here.
  2. More Cost-Effective: Producing a video can be as simple as using your webcam, mobile phone or handheld style GoPro (or something similar). In other words it doesn’t have to be expensive. Of course you can have a professional create one – but even those can be produced within a reasonable budget.
  3. More Visual: Using video can help project a positive image simply through the smiles on faces and/or footage used.
  4. More Attention: With video, you can expect higher views. People will watch out of curiosity, if nothing else.
  5. More Uses: The same video can be used in a variety of ways such as throughout your social medias, via email, on your website.
  6. More Life: Your message will come to life and be more engaging.
  7. More Personable: It’s quite exposing putting your face in front of the camera. But that’s exactly what needs to happen and in doing this you create an instant connection with the viewer. The viewer will love your vulnerabilities and champion you on – mainly because they know there’s no way they be brave enough to do it! Get out there, be brave and share your message. It will be quite a persuasive method for you.

Happy Videoing!

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