SEO Writing Demonstrated Using 8 Keywords

SEO Writing is a skill that is helping a lot of businesses win the game of organic marketing through the search engines, like getting good Google results for example.

It’s a long held belief that being able to explain what you do in the space of an elevator ride will win the day. Of course, the social medias expect the same, with Twitter demanding 140 – or 120 (or less) characters being able to explain a full story, let alone anything else a trifle simpler… Blog posts demand simplicity, with the first three words being the most important.

These days you can no longer just blabber on – you need to be succinct, you need to include consistent keywords and make sure the keywords are positioned correctly within sentence structures.


Well, can you explain your topic (status, blog, post) in three words? It’s an interesting challenge. What about if you worked out 8 keywords that described what it was you did and turned that into a sentence structure?

It’s a challenge I love to give new clients, and will demonstrate here.

Let’s take the 8 keywords of solution, sales, coaching, leadership, change, passion, focus and results… which a new client gave me the other day.

Let’s now turn them into a sentence.

“Looking for results? Need to change your focus? What does being a leader mean to you? Want a sales coach to win? Frank’s passion is for results driven sales solutions. Contact Frank if you too want results…”

Seeing words explained in this way makes the brain processing easier ie “we get it”.

Give it a go. Use your keywords in all communications. If you have difficulties, email

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