With Michael Smyth


Nudity; From pubs having nudists nights (Land of Promise, Hindmarsh), TV reality shows using nudity in their competitions such as the Dating Naked Series on VH1 in the USA and the TLC Real Estate Show “Buying Naked”, to Adelaide’s own Bliss Organic Cafe coffee shop promoting breast feeding.

Facebook has seen more skin this past week that it would normally handle on its family friendly pages. Adelaide has “gone off” with the chatter.

Early day Facebook banned breastfeeding pictures due to nudity – it has since changed its stance – and it seems Adelaide is becoming friendlier to the idea creating frenzy on the social medias this week.

But let’s be real. If we are to participate in a Global Citizen environment we need to keep realistic. If we don’t like something, it’s as simple as the action to unfollow a user, post or page, or even just a “don’t look” policy (stay within your own comfort zone and happy place).

Of course, if it’s simply wrong (and some stuff is…), we can report it using the appropriate channels. Facebook are very good at responding to community concerns in relation to photos. If you report it, they will check. It does not guarantee that it will be removed from the site – but if there are enough people concerned, yes they will take it seriously.

Facebook check your reported content against their guidelines. Keep in mind, just because you find it disagreeable, doesn’t mean the diverse global community does.


  • Nudity or other sexually suggestive content
  • Hate speech, credible threats or direct attacks on an individual or group
  • Content that contains self-harm or excessive violence
  • Fake or impostor profiles
  • Spam



Social Media for Good; We all love a good story. Watching TV for the first time in ages (that’s not a footy game I mean) and up pops my first experience of a TV Commercial that is purely social media focused. Take a photo with Instagram, use the hashtag and post it. Incredible.

Better get involved:


Richard Branson says ”For every food photo you post to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with the #mealforameal hashtag, we’ll deliver a real meal to someone in need. (go and chk how many they have fed – it’s impressive)

Great strategy.

For any not for profit to get their message heard – they must remember their cause is not the story. They need to remember new media is about people and what those people can do to hear, listen, and be involved.

Basic tactics could and should be something along the lines of:

a) Tell a story. Make it challenging or creative but make it good to pull in those human emotions.

b) Keep it visual. Use one sense or two – images or videos.

c) Keep it about the people. It’s social media where people hang.


Richard Branson and OzHarvest have secured all three successfully. Everyone can be involved in feeding others. Simple.


Hashtag; a word or phrase preceded by a hash sign (#), that is used on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to identify messages on a specific topic. The #hashtag words allow for easier searching of topics. A hashtag could be a single word, an acroynm, a made up campaign style word or catchy phrase that you wish to promote and become associated with. Hashtags are also used to promote locations eg #oma #givingback #adelaide #myfavouritestate

Hashtag apps: (monitor) (sell stuff)

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