Idea Generation | The Life of Ray Whitrod, a South Australian Hero

Generating new ideas isn’t always for a new design, concept or product; an idea or thought can help shape any part of life from any question you ask.

The invitation to participate in an exploration of the life of Ray Whitrod, a South Australian Hero, came from Alan Stewart, PhD.

On this occasion, ideas were pursued as an alternative way to celebrate a person’s life, ie Ray’s, with Alan saying on his invitation,

“No doubt there are many people in South Australia who would have similar feelings, either from what they knew of Ray in person or from what they have read or heard of him. There are many indications that the time to do this is now and that there are diverse possibilities to explore ideas such as exhibitions, documentary film making, theatre, art, writing, postgraduate research, and social media.”

Alan said, he expected questions to arise as to ‘What would be purposes of doing this? How may these and other related materials be used? Could this become projects of and for the people of South Australia? Who may wish to consider being part of what emerges from doing this?

Generating news ideas always starts with good questions, but they also need people to answer those questions, or at least debate the question. Debating, the conversations and healthy feedback provide a really solid base to help form and shape your thinking, generating new ideas. During this process, you will challenge your assumptions, deconstruct and open your mind to new concepts.

Ron Corso led the idea generation discussion on this evening, and even though the group was small, everyone was welcoming of the process and quickly teamed up to start generating refreshing new ideas and ways to tackle the question. Getting thoughts on paper as a non-judgmental, simplified method through brainstorming a mind map is a good place to start.

Ron started us by exploring the word “HERO”.

What does it mean to you? HERO. The pictures demonstrate some of our initial thinking. The conversation and discussion will continue.

A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. ~Margaret Mead

Just as an aside…

Carmen Stewart, who is Alan’s wife said around the time after Ray’s death in 2003, “I am vitally interested in Ray and what he contributed. His story continues to hold interest and inspiration for Australians because of his commitment to creativity and in his courage in the ways in which he conducted elements of his life. Among these were his being born in the SW corner of the city, growing up in the Great Depression and his roles in scouting. Then in quality policing in high office for most of his life, as a navigator in the RAAF during WW2 and how he handled stress, his very humanity and his compassion as an initiator of Victims of Crime Service and in his family life.”

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