With Julie Reynolds


“The Social Media Ratbag”

After establishing I’m simply “Charlie” and not a Social Media Guru, Julie titled me “The Social Media Ratbag”. My online community responded instantly, with my Facebook wall going off with comments. Of course they all agreed with Julie. She did confess prior to us going on-air that she likes my profile personality (me) saying, she finds me “down-to-earth”. Thank you Julie, that comment made my day.

Oldies Media Aware Study (OMA’s)

The Oldies Media Aware Study (#omasunisa) explores the growing use of online technologies that specifically benefit the older generation. In this theme, the older generation being greater than 60 years old ie eligible for retirement. In particular, ways forward to support and encourage connections between our older generation via various online platforms for them to thrive. Read more:

On-air we started our conversation about the trend for our older generation joining the ranks of Facebook at an increasing pace. It’s true, as shown by the OMAS survey I recently conducted. The statisticians have already proved that the over 50 year old female joined the ranks a little while back, and the men are now catching up.

While it’s online which may have been a foreign land for some of the older in our community, it’s also where the community now hang. People just love using Facebook to connect with their family and friends. They love to check photos of their kids or grandkids, more so when they live away, like overseas. It’s a natural progression that this age group – and in fact older – would want to join in.

Social Media Etiquette 

All this talk of “being online” is great but you also need to know some do’s and don’t. In essence, don’t do to others what you don’t want done to you. Be a good friend, don’t put photos online if someone doesn’t look good (crop them out or blur them) and remember, if you can’t show/say your grandmother (who’s now there too remember), then you shouldn’t be putting it there. And, a wise man once said nothing.

Here’s a blog I previously wrote that shares more tips:

Instagram and Twitter

Instagram. An image sharing app for your mobile phone. Take a picture, apply a filter and make them look good. Make you look good. See a glimpse into another person’s world, through their eyes. A really lovely community. If you are travelling overseas, search that place and see what images are there.

Very visual space.

Twitter. A news sharing feed. Lots of people sharing what they do through short statuses and links to articles or news items. Has the ability to share images.

Very noisy place.

Trolls and Bully’s

These are for definite (fake profile style) trolls and bully’s. If your friend is giving you a hard time, or a customer doesn’t like your service, that’s a completely different set of rules.

First tip: Don’t respond or encourage conversation.

Second tip: Block.

Until next time.

Loved being on the show and chatting to Julie 🙂


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