Doorknocking | West Beach

Well, it has started.

What a glorious day to walk the streets, drop flyers, chat to people and simply observe. I started with breakfast at Bacchus Bar as I had promised to drop in flyers. I spied a couple of friends sitting at CIBO along the way and we had a chat about the Henley area. Gyms, fitness, and “what events can we hold in the open spaces?” were the main threads of conversation. While the use of Henley Square is growing, they wanted it to be made “smarter”. I agree. Public art and clever use of the area to encourage (energetic) families would be ideal.

Breakfast and flyer task complete, I then hopped in my car and headed to West Beach.

West Beach is my first love.

It still holds many of the original charm of early development years, mixed in with modern development practices. Stark contrasts to embrace.

The Esplanade is original, the fish and chip shop an institution and many holiday rental homes called things like “Seaview” or “Seavista”. Very 70’s.

It makes me smile. Its a true “coastal beach community”.

Handing out flyers, the main comment I heard was “clean up the beach“. West Beach would have to be one of my favourite spots in Summer for relaxing and swimming, but yes, it can get smelly. Considering some of our biggest tourist spots are down here (West Beach Caravan Park) I was surprised by the comments being heard.

Anyway, all noted!

Here are some fun snaps from out and about!

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