Council Candidate in Henley Ward Questionnaire 

I have been asked to answer the following questions… here goes.

1.What are your experiences and motivation to want to become a Councilor?

Having served on or volunteered for many community boards, committees, companies (not-for-profits) and groups over the years I have a strong affinity to the uniqueness, strength and diversity of thought these all bring into our world. I’d hate to be so cliché as to say it’s where the real work gets done. But at this level people look after each other, they keep our ground level thriving and remember the importance we all play in common activities. Sure we all need cars and petrol, but we use them to go play sport, enjoy visiting our friends and family, take our kid to school or attend whatever makes us, as individuals, thrive. It’s within this community environment where the real day to day stuff happens. It keeps us honest with ourselves and others. We all know our neighbours, even if we don’t always say Hi.

Working in PR and Communications, and specifically on projects needing community engagement, I understand the real impact that people can make in improving outcomes. More heads create better solutions and my passion and drivers are to improve our changing world. I have been attached to the UniSA for a number of years looking at how we can embrace modern communications technologies to engage better in the education space, and I would like to think I can add value and thought as to how a Council engages with its community. The City of Charles Sturt is quite progressive in this space and it would be a delight to encourage and support this.

My full LinkedIn profile is available to view my career background. I work in PR & Communications as I have previously said and I have an extensive online worldwide network in the social media space. I am an ABC 891 Radio Social Media Commentator, and regularly speak on the community station WOWFM in Semaphore.

Finally, my driver to become a Councilor is really from a decision to step up. It is a big step but one that I would fully embrace and be excited by.

Q. 2. What are the primary issues that Council need to address in the city?

Within the Henley Ward I’d suggest:

  • Upgrade of the West Beach Road to include a service road for residents
  • Improvement of policies in relation to community event traffic
  • Upgrade of the Henley Square as a priority once the Summer season is complete
  • Look at ways to improve trade into the Henley Square precinct, in keeping with the family friendly philosophy. More thriving businesses.

In the greater City of Charles Sturt I’d suggest:

  • Ensure TQEH remain as a fully functional hospital with full emergency services and outpatient needs.
  • Ensure Council fully engage the community (far and wide) appropriately for all levels of change eg a structure could be used to determine scope of engagement.
  • Review Council JetSki pilots and policy to ensure there is a place for all to enjoy our beautiful coastline.
  • Review conservation park zones, with the view of Tennyson Sand Dunes becoming a place of significance.
  • Review and improve roadways and traffic restrictions with the view that all forms and modes of transport are safe ie pedestrians, cycles, and cars etc.
  • Keep open spaces open.

But how long is a piece of string? In all reality don’t we all want the world? I’d like to think we aim towards a thriving, healthy and robust Council area, a showcase of our state and all it has to offer.

3.How will you engage and represent residents in the Ward of Henley?

I love this question but I would turn it on itself and ask “How do my residents want me to engage with them?”.

I feel too often we have preconceived ideas about how things should be done because that’s the way they have always been done. Not previously been elected to a Council I have no preconceived ideas. If the previous elected members established ways the residents enjoyed I would embrace them, however it may be a good time to simply have a conversation or chat at a designated time to establish best ways forward. I am open to suggestions. I would like to think I would represent a majority of voices, therefore I would want to hear a majority.

Q. 4.What is your knowledge of the coastal environmental concerns and how could they be addressed?

My commentary in relation to concerns during the election time has been written about and posted on my website. Please review

However, sand sand sand and more sand seem to be causing most concern. Either lack, preservation or protection of. There is also the issue of wetlands and natural conservation areas. I always think of a community in a broader bigger picture sense and those within all need to live in harmony. Of course, a community therefore doesn’t just include people. It includes all the little animals and birds who keep our environment thriving for generations to come. Where would we be without chirping birds in the morning, our beautiful pelicans and butterflies fluttering the air?

Q. 5. Thinking about arts, culture and heritage …what would you like to see in the western coastal suburbs?

Where would society be without our heritage, culture and art? Where we have come from is just as important as where we are going. Thinking creatively and being inspired by our diverse cultures and artistic friends help shape a better future for us all. We get the experience of seeing the humanity in other people through their own traditions and also through their own interpretations (that may not be the same as our own). Plus art is just nice to look at.

Each of these is already in our own community. If we look around, the people within generate this vision of who we are. I’d love to engage our community to be more creative, more artistic and more vibrant and to showcase their cultures and talents. Art shows, galleries, community hubs of creative minds conjuring up innovative ways to take us forward, music, and heritage areas preserved are all things I would like to see. Across all ages too. From a child’s mind exploring nature through art and books or walks to our elderly sharing tales of the past, to our famous artists walking among us showcasing their wares.

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