Election Questions from the Tennyson Dunes Group

The following are my responses to specific questions asked of me by the Tennyson Dunes Group.

This is in addition to the previous discussions that led me to write my previous blog post:


Here are my answers:

  1. In Council, will you vote for Option 1 (preferred by the reference group) in the Coast Park Consultation for Grange to Semaphore Park?

My knowledge is basic at this stage (hence the broad big picture flavour to my previous blog). I haven’t been involved in meetings and wider speculation, however on review of available information, both option one and two seem to create damage to the dune ecology (option two definitely states this). Therefore, my preference would be to look in more depth to options three and four. If option one doesn’t involve damage to the dunes, then yes.

  1. Do you support the Council’s Biodiversity Team working with the Tennyson Dunes Group to look after the Tennyson Dunes?

This sounds like a loaded question, however, once again, not having met the Biodiversity Team nor having an understanding of their vision and objections, it’s difficult for me to say. One would hope Council employ and engage professionals who work with all parties for successful outcomes, by providing leadership and guidance. My answer would be yes, as I would hope all parties would work together in harmony and with common objectives.

  1. Will you support the Tennyson Dunes Group’s vision to create an environmental education hub in the car park of the Tennyson Dunes?

Any form of education is good. Yes.

  1. How do you think Council can best help the volunteers of the Tennyson Dunes Group protect the biodiversity of the Tennyson Dunes?

In my experience, working with volunteers requires project management, set objectives, timeframes and a good dose of flexibility. It’s not easy for either party as one has deadlines and the other a passion to help, that can be distracted by other priorities in life (and there’s nothing wrong with that). It would be good to see Council have regular dialogue with Volunteer groups to see where each can support each others objectives and goals.

Further, if I can clarify anything, please comment below and I will reply.

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