charlieselfiestickSince receiving my #selfiestick from ABC’s Michael Smyth (@MichaelSmyth_ ) last Thursday, there have been various moments when I’ve essentially pulled out the stick and given it a whirl… errrr test.

There has been a huge amount of conversation on Facebook since I shared my first picture in front of the ABC building.


Given these conversations, I’d be surprised if there were any left in the shops by the time Christmas comes!! Pretty much everyone has decided it’s a great Christmas present and sitting at around the $20 mark (depending on where you buy it and what it includes ie like a tripod etc) it’s very affordable fun.

*Brand I have is a Monopod Tripod Selfie Kit with Bluetooth.
Compatible for both Android and iPhone/Pad (Apple).

Here’s a snapshot of the video and photos taken over this weekend in video format using Magisto to present, with the results uploaded to YouTube. The possibilities are endless… but if you don’t know how… you just have to call me.

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