Social Media Christmas Strategies

Dive in. Here we go, it’s jingles all the way.

We have the 12 days of, elves cracking jokes, reindeer noses leading the way and enough glitter to sprinkle across a million heartfelt quotes to keep grandma happy. But what does Christmas, the end of the work year, or the commencement of a new one mean to you?

Be prepared?

Many businesses start their strategies three months out. Some just do last minute shopping and throw a few carrots out to catch a trending topic. No matter… if it’s all in the spirit of the time you will be forgiven.

For you see, many of the people who you are sharing your cleverly crafted content with are our partying and whooping it up, because it is the season to be jolly after all.

Here are 5 simple things to catch the Christmas eye:

  1. Use red and green images. For anything. Recipes, quotes, and staff fun. Hey, even if it isn’t christmas, it will still look it.
  2. Create christmas images for your covers – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (add them to Pinterest)
  3. Hold an event, give out Christmas hats and share the photos taken, because if people are going out – they may as well come to yours. Photobooths are always a hit! Or you can use something ‘app like’ – like
  4. Create a festive or glittery Pinterest board like “Unearthing Jolly“.
  5. Use the 12 Days of Christmas to give a tip, quote, reminisce or “something” leading up to the holidays. Make it relevant and fun. Have people share back.

It’s enough to get you through. And remember… people are busy at this time of year. Don’t panic if those likes go down. If your boss or board get upset with the numbers dropping, up the anti with your advertising dollars (boost posts etc) and add a competition or extra service into the mix that’s in the Christmas spirit. It “may” help. You never know.

Cheers and glittery days to you…

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