Plan your Articles in 6 Easy Steps

It’s that time of year when everyone slows down as they are out being jolly. But it’s also a good time to get the creative juices flowing.

Down time is a creatives dream. It’s a time when you can mull over thoughts that have been swirling all year, and have them find a resting place. If you start with an initial bit of planning too, that creative dream time can produce wonderful results. And we can all creative if we let our mind explore.

One area that everyone could all do with a bit of creative work, is our article or blog content. Jot down those thoughts about potential articles and blogs to kick off your new year in January. You will start the year well with positive results!

  1. Plan 3 months ahead; get 2 months in and then plan the next 3 months
  2. Work out content ideas based on season, industry, perspective, service, expertise, history or tips.
  3. Plan to write over two articles per month – consider plans for about eight and then if one topic doesn’t work and you can’t write it, you have a back up plan.
  4. In your plan, craft article headers with 6 words, including your keyword. You might just write one word for now and pad it out as you incubate the idea.
  5. Weave the topic into conversations and get other people’s opinions.  Hear what they have to say. Shape your thoughts without giving the game away.
  6. Let it go. Sleep on it. Let it incubate.

Incubate the idea…?

Yes, that’s what is so good about planning. Once we have committed pen to paper our brain starts to process our written word. We think we are going about our daily business however sub-consciously we are also writing articles and getting creative. When we finally get down to the business of writing, the words generally tumble out. It makes life a lot easier when you aren’t a regular writer. You can also then generally tap out three or four articles at a time. Trust the process, it does work.

When you are ready to write, please consider a couple of basic rules:

  1. Articles are best if 300 characters in length, 600 great, 1200 for indepth
  2. Use opening catchy one liner, some content, a bullet point “list”, some more content and then a closing statement.

Be creative with your content. Have a bit of fun if you can (of course if it’s suitable to the topic and subject only). You will soon be a natural. Happy writing.

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