There is no poem inside me this year, it is not to be.

Peace, calm and tranquility all seem foreign to me.

Long forgotten miles across a passage through the sea.

Crashing waves and beasts of burden tied to a tree.

There is nothing in this life I wish to flee.

Except occasionally my impatient mind you will see.

Christmas brings joy and contentment and the finishing of a time.

There is only one journey, this one journey that is mine.

A new year will rise across a border and it looks mighty fine.

Have friends will travel no time to sit and dine.

We sway to the music in our head and its a sign.

To give back a piece of me that was no spent crime.

This heart grows older each day it will stay.

But its getting a tad battered I really must say.

Those who walk by my side fill me with pride each day.

Its good because they wouldn’t be here for the pay.

With this new year brings more excitement as close as today.

I wish my loved ones and family all colour no grey. Let’s pray.

~Merry Christmas One & All