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“Social media is not electronic graffiti. Social media is the people’s voice”. -Charlie

Where do I start with our Prime Minster Mr Tony Abbott’s media statement? To be honest I don’t want to be making political statements, however I have to respond and say about social media, “Tony Abbott ignore the people’s voice at your peril.

Data never sleeps and neither do people. Around the world, somewhere, among the 13,600,000 steady Facebook users, people are posting or sharing something. That’s a lot of voice. Social media is free speech and certainly not illegal (which technically graffiti is – even if we delve into the artistic expression argument). Social media – in particular Facebook – is a good way to stay in touch for starters!

Social media “tone” can be monitored by software – very good software, so maybe Tony is reading the writing on the wall (pardon the pun) and it might all be a little too in his face? If you are going to do things, especially without consultation of your party, accept the negativity that goes with it and don’t abuse the method from where the feedback is coming from ie “social media” or the people using it in the process.

Yes, we all understand that social media does have the negative side, the trolls etc, however on mass vocally, it really is worth listening too.

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Tinder – Taking a swipe at Online Dating

Click, chat, meet, reject. It’s not the most attractive business model to retain interest is it? The days are gone where a person actually enjoys the constant let down experienced by online dating sites. And yet, people still use these sites?

On Tinder over 50 million people swipe every month – and they’ve seen up to a billion swipes already! Note – men swipe 47% positive to women’s 15% positive. The rejection has already started!

A guy in Adelaide professes to have the solution and has crafted an app that could change the way we think of meeting people and connecting. Watch this space or contact me if you want to know more.

Of course, there are a lot of people out there making a lot of money out of click for a flick style ego satisfier. It doesn’t build a lasting relationship.



In #selfie news; no Michael, I haven’t bought myself a #belfie however I have heard that World of Warcraft, the online game, has introduced a selfie camera for contenders to include duckface fun into their day. Seriously.



In #hashtag news; have you seen the #2015blizzard images? They’re all white.


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