Spending Time | Story Time

Spending Time is a concept generally more relevant when we get older. The concept to slow down and reminisce. The “remember when.”

But what do the younger generation actually learn when we introduce the concept of ‘spending time’? Aside from building relationships and the like… eg “spending time to visit nana”.

The quote Content is the cost entry to relevance in today’s society” by Gary Vaynerchuk got me thinking that our need to generate content has also opened up the need to listen to people’s “remember when” stories – to write the content – to share them (across every platform conceivable to mankind – print, social and digital).

Thinking about the past, the only people (typically) who would have had their biographies (stories) told, were those who were of a prominent standing in the community. A book, or article, would have been written about them for print publications.

These days we will write anyone’s story – simply to generate enough content. However, this is content for generating content sake.

What purpose can we attribute to this content generation other than to fulfil an immediate content need?

What outcome will help or benefit us as a population overal?

The wisdom of our elders is measured through years of experience and/or a more relaxed view with benefit of hindsight.

Here’s a challenge – perhaps you can spend some time thinking about this 🙂


I know I will.

While generating content.

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