Paper: ‘Unearthing’ Engaging Business Students in Creative Learning, Through the Use of Social Media



Ron Corso, Charlie-Helen Robinson


The use of social media is increasingly becoming more common place in general education as part of a learning management system that is progressing beyond traditional instructional teaching approaches. Student’s everyday lives are today very much entwined in social networking and online communities engaging in social conversations which are now finding their way as an integral part of their educational experience formally and informally. This paper outlines the use of ‘Unearthing Ideas’, a social media Facebook community created to support, engage and enhance the teaching of creative thinking in business courses at the University of South Australia.

Work in progress is beginning to demonstrate increased student engagement, deeper understandings and broader confidence in applying creativity principles and methodologies to their core studies and overall educational experience. Business and industry are increasingly demanding innovation in the suite of graduate attributes of university students and the University of SA is meeting this challenge by marketing itself as university of enterprise and innovation through its research, teaching and community engagement. The site provides a platform where students are expert, in order to express, share and reflect on their creative thinking and for lecturers; this creates the opportunity to move the classroom beyond traditional physical and pedagogical boundaries to meet these industry needs.


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