Unearthing Wine lovers delight…

The Wine Wankers

For $3 million, you could buy you buy 60 bottles of 1951 Penfold Grange – only problem, there’s only 20 left in existence.  What you can buy however is Australia’s most impressive wine cellar, unfortunately, you don’t get it filled with wine, nor do you get a stately home attached.

On the plus side, it sits below 21 acres of land that backs on to an extraordinary waterfront with breathtaking views, 20 minutes from Hobart in Tasmania.

Built by a mining company (so you know it was built correctly), the cellar is accessed via a tunnel from either the cliff top or the water’s edge. It is 9 storeys deep, 35 metres from the cliff to water and 100 metres long and has underground power and water.

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