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We have to start with a Bronwyn Bishop gag #choppergate – but will it ever die? Have you played the online helicopter game?

Platforms by the ages – an update

OK, so this week was used to update and recap what our various community members are using in social media land.

Under 25 – Instagram/YouTube/SnapChat

YouTube viewing up 60% in a year! *Facebook is struggling to engage with this age group and are doing anything they can to get them. Looking at ways to introduce Facebook into their marketing mix is an obvious choice – like options of how to present their videos to their fans.

Did you hear Troy Sivan is releasing a new album? Wild. (That’s the name of the album). He announced recently at VidCon

Here is the announcement >>

OK, I’m chuffed – as we get a new album to play in the car for my daughter!

We first spoke about Troye on this show back 14 August 2014 – and he was already a “pop youtube sensation”.


Male – Twitter always

Did you notice they removed backgrounds on user profiles? Bit of a flutter about that.

And what’s it about these Twitter (Blue Star) Verifies? Are they worth it? Depends who you are if you even get one (the general public doesn’t). Dubbed the “illuminati of the social media” they are musicians, fashionistas, actors, politicians, journalists and basically people who can bring Twitter themselves a bunch of cred. A great public relations strategy.

3 reasons why you’d want one:

  1. Improved brand credibility
  2. Identify away from parody or fake accounts
  3. Improve social search presence.

Female – Pinterest becoming more popular

I call this the visual Google but it’s like crafty scrapbooking on steroids. Women, girls, ladies and chicks alike

Over 45 – Facebook and getting older!!

My own survey looked at the use of social media. There was a lot of information easily available about online and social media use globally, however I found it was generally looking at the younger demographic or population and in the main it was American based. I wanted to get a better understanding of use by an older demographic who, in the main, lived in Australia.

The results were impressive but surprising.

‘Having conversations with others my age’ took up 35% and 18% added ‘connecting with professional friends’, creating the assumption people really DON’T go online to check on the kids, they go online to work and play. You can read the full article here:

Google+ ?

It’s had it’s ‘woo woo’ moment finally?

It may have – but Google is looking at other options – like tracking your movements. Big brother? Track what you do – even the pictures you take and where:

Sources such as and my own research/knowledge


Companies are bringing their marketing and public relations in house.


We’ve previously talked Native Advertising… now we need to talk transparency and capturing short term thinking (of the consumer).

Marketers now chase “likes” shares, tweets, and click throughs and they will use data and the analytics to help them succeed (the Google Analytics report or Facebook Insights data might need to be read!). The issue for marketers will be getting metrics for their *dark social side – the blind spot. These are those stats that aren’t available from chat rooms, messaging apps etc *a term coined by The Atlantic in 2012

The 3 reasons

  1. Changes are happening too fast, and in real time, for companies to outsource. They need to do it – now.
  2. Communications are even more so now about building relationships; big companies are using their own staff as “personalities” to sell their products – as people want to develop a relationship with a person, not a company. Classic example is to search for Robert Scoble of Rackspace in America. These people “do it themselves” for authencity.
  3. Companies will (perhaps finally) realise their best asset is their own employee and engage/market to them for the word of mouth networks they provide ie behind every person is a network – including your own staff! **Wonderful that I’m hearing this from worldwide leaders more and more.

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