Creative uses for Periscope

Periscope is a social media tool, that enables individuals to broadcast a live video feed on the internet. It can be accessed via an “app”, provides live chat and conversation and includes a “rescoped” (kinda meaning a retweet) to help share the stream. The reason it’s becoming popular is the fact that videos can be made public or private to selected users.

Think business webinars, breaking news, or interactive support and get yourself online.


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Here are 7 Ways a Business Could Capture Audience Interest via Periscope

  1. Impromptu question and answers session
    • remember Periscope has a chat component to keep things interactive
  2. Live group support – like meetings
    • use the private function and simply chat – mind the perils – once online it’s public regardless of settings I say
  3. Announcements of new products
    • keep it real, fun and use hashtags to help your public announcement streams to be found via Twitter
  4. Regular updates to humanise your brand
  5. Allow behind the scene views of actual “work” and activity
  6. Live events, such as webinars
  7. Candid insider views of a products progress.

Can you suggest more?

Got any breaking news to use Periscope for?

These tips are an extract from the ABC segment

Here’s a few articles to warn you about the perils of online:

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