Forget me the sparkles, forget me the life

Forget me the sanity I once forgot

Forever give the dreams, forever give the light

Forever give over to love my truth forever

You know what’s important and it hits you like a thud, there’s no mistaking and when, you then wonder why it took so long. The year that was just because and settled into place with all the wondrous things with certain grace.

Forgive time for taking so long, forgive the hurt

Forgive time over the battles and forgive

Friends live and breathe, friends live on

Friends live from a moment to forever friends

You know the journey’s imperfect and yet there is no fork, there’s no mistaking and when, you then settle in for the bumps. The year that was just happened and let there be no mistaking we are all human with all our spots and extra pots.

Fortunes come to some, fortunes come and go

Fortunes come as money or as a mindful fortune

Failure is not an option, Failure is gone on to live

Failure is a passing treat to learn and succeed not fail

Forever friends, forget me not.

You are my fortune.

We will fail together to learn.


  • For Lara who loves the F Word