Inaugural Vintage Ball; Bellydancing Experience

The origin of bellydance is an actively debated subject among dance enthusiasts.
Regardless, historically, dance has always been an important part of our culture; and belly dance is a big part of this.

Everything has a history!

The dance is usually done in small spaces, and mostly involved stationary, earthy moves focused around the hips. Hollywood glamourised it and made a significant contribution to the bellydance costume. Inspired by the European burlesque outfits, Hollywood designers created fringed, beaded, sparkling bras and belts for example.
Bellydance has now become a part of international pop culture.
Its rich history contributes to its allure. It can provide a way to express, serve as a workout, be a part of spiritual or meditative practice, offer opportunities to make friends and connect with others, and of course, bring great joy.
It is truly a dance for every person.

Bio: Lorralei of Mandragora

Lorralei of Mandragora’s Passion for belly dance is firmly rooted in gothic, industrial and tribal fusion styles.
Get ready for a great memory making experience!!
Her performances range from fabulously theatrical to raw and emotional; she is an intense and engaging performer not afraid to take risks, and her theatrical style will leave you immersed in the character and world she creates.
As a teacher at Belly Dance Amethyst, she is a firm believer this dance is for everyone and that you never stop learning.
So, yes, she will be performing for us at our Inaugural Vintage Ball – however, she will also be teaching us a few new tricks! Get ready for your body to feel earthy moves around your hips.
Our events are all about new experiences. This may be one for you.
Belly Dance Amethyst Founded By Myra Fallon, has an exciting range of courses available, catering for the beginner through to dancers at performance and professional levels. Becoming a student of Belly Dance Amethyst is about empowering yourself while learning self-expression through this vibrant style of dance in a welcoming environment.

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