Everything has a history. Vintage Ball Thankyou Speech.

First things first, ours start with a ‘cheers”!

This (wine group) all started 10 years ago in my home.

It was to teach myself social media.

It has taught me this in spades, as well as simply being social with winelovers and the unique drama which surround this. We’ve had some bloody good times.

I’m proud to say we have drunk South Australia dry on many occasions, walked out of pubs because they haven’t stocked a South Australian wine for us (in South Australia), while also sharing our passion for South Australian wine across the borders.

We’ve done well for the industry.

We have organised and held well over 50 events, boosted attendance and revenue for many small wine bars on many occasions, and cleared South Australia of its old crap wine too. Almost.

Now we are also known for sharing our charitable spirit and generosity.

During our 10 years, the social group has been known to participate in many charity events and fundraisers; from the Cancer Council’s Relay for Life, to Variety shows and general community fundraisers, to raising money for the Heart Foundation.

It is known one in five Australians will suffer from a mental illness in any given year.

For our 10 year celebration, we are targeting mental health.

The proceeds from tonight is going to the Chat ‘n’ Chew program, managed by Paul Creedon at Uniting Care Wesley, Port Adelaide.

Having previously donated to this program first at a wine group event hosted by Litsa and then again at Christmas, we hope tonight achieves a bigger success to help others.

The program, Chat ‘n’ Chew, provides an opportunity for more than 700 people each year to enjoy some independence, make friends and feel connected with others in the local community.


It has always been important to our social group to consider and support others if we have the opportunity


In all honesty, I have been overwhelmed and made very proud by how everyone had rallied behind the evenings cause.

Even before this evening commenced we had raised $1000 and we look set to raise a lot more tonight.


But while we have a great time and enjoy ourselves, we recognise not everyone does, or can.

It takes me back.

5-6 years ago I thought I was done, I had my own version of mental tiredness, I was ‘over everyone’ and needed a break, however … never say no – not around winelovers. The history was not over yet! In a way, perhaps we have just begun?

So. My thankyous.

Firstly, I must thank Ron Corso for his enthusiasm… keeping the bus tours going, kept the spirit of the social group alive, while I went into my cave…

Thank you Martin Fry for the concept of the “Tasty Wine Walks” (and Neil Brine and Litsa for supporting that concept and carrying them forward),

and then… thank you to more recent event hosts Litsa and Peter Leske for their love of the old wine group format – DeadReds – which is for the sharing of old vintage wine.

Thank you to Glen Urbani, Victoria Colinge and Des Bylund for continuing to bring inspiring ideas and new concepts to the group to try. We have now shared a ‘wine in a bag’ dinner, a champagne dinner masterchef style, and a #winestagram meetup!

The challenge is set to concept a new experience for the group!

For tonight, I would personally like to thank our MC, Traci Ayris. Imet Traci at an Adelaide luncheon many moons ago… as we do in Adelaide…

She was responsible for bringing the wine group in all its craziness to the Channel 7 boardroom (*we share the stories) and who, on hearing my initial thoughts for tonight’s event, went into creative overdrive and gave me the passion to make it happen. Yes, she was responsible for my crazy copywriting skills – ie have a ball at the ball… etc.

To my beautiful friend Georgina, who has been there day in and day out leading up to this event, supporting and making this event happen with me – from finding the hall, to finding the entertainment, to simply giving me little pep talks – it has been a great journey. Thanks hun.

To the others who have rallied around to make tonight happen… Like our crafty ‘tin ladies’ – Litsa, Victoria, Sonia Bijan, Georgina… what a great job they have done!

To those who have donated out of their own wine cellars, found donations for the silent auction or gifted artwork… …and to everyone here tonight. The bottle on the table is our gift to you.

Thank you. In closing…

I would just like to say thank you to a very special person. Someone who has kept the group’s creativity at the fore front of what we do.

Peter Leske – our group’s own poet.

I would like to thank Peter for bringing a creative flair to everything we do ie like poetry recitals (sometimes while standing on wine barrels in bars… )

This philosophy keeps me on my toes and reminds me of why I started this group – to learn new things and experience new ways.

Everyone, thank you…




‘Old Wisdom – New Ways’.

Led by Karl Winda Telfer. Yellaka transfers ancient Aboriginal knowledge, inspiring our young to be strong in culture.

‘Yellaka’ perform Cultural Ceremonies including Fire and Water Ceremony, Fire Sculptures, Greetings to Country. They do Cultural Tours, Festivals, Storytelling, Research, Education, Cultural Respect Presentations, assistance with Reconciliation Action Plans, Lectures and many other collaborations and activities.

Lorralei of Mandragora – Belly Dancer

Lorralei passion for belly dance is firmly rooted in gothic, industrial and tribal fusion styles.

Her performances range from fabulously theatrical to raw and emotional; she is an intense and engaging performer not afraid to take risks, and her theatrical style will leave you immersed in the character and world she creates. As a teacher at Belly Dance Amethyst, she is a firm believer this dance is for everyone and that you never stop learning.

Belly Dance Amethyst, founded By Myra Fallon, has an exciting range of courses available, catering for the beginner through to dancers at performance and professional levels.

Becoming a student of Belly Dance Amethyst is about empowering yourself while learning self-expression through this vibrant style of dance in a welcoming environment.



Annie Nguyen – Blues Dancer

“Addicted to the blues.”

Annie has danced both partnered and solo blues for many years. Influenced by fusion styles, Annie believes in creating connected flowing movement between moves whilst keeping them grounded, gritty and bluesy, and remaining true to our own unique body shapes. From traditional blues to contemporary, she has danced and DJ’d blues locally and interstate.

Annie is available for private lessons.

Chris Jarvis – Discoforducks.com

Commercial || Disco || Nineties || House

chris@discoforducks.com || 0419 840 430

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