What should have been said in my ABC Adelaide interview

Being onair (radio) is a curious process.

In creativity processes, ie idea generation work, we often talk of the “thinking behind the thinking”. In fact it’s a quote Ron Corso (my UniSA research/paper writing partner) is famous for. So, when I don’t get a message across onair, or perform as well as I expect, I analyse as I would if mentoring – do the thinking behind the thinking.

#tip Certainly onair (with panel discussions) the environment or setting matters (best to be in studio), not being nervous matters (but even the best get nervous), listening matters (to respond well to all views – to influence and keep your own agenda on track), letting a conversation ‘flow’ matters (for the listeners advantage) and of course, knowledge of your topic matters. However, its the later which generally trips us up.

We know what we are talking about or what our opinion is, however, if we haven’t crystallised what that is into a short summary, it can trip us up. The old “if you can’t explain it to a 6 year old, then leave the room” is what you’d be thinking right now and you could be right, however it is more than that in reality; especially when driving out an opinion as an advocate (engagement on topic at it’s best).

On air – when you have five minutes to get your message out, and nothing is going in the direction you expect, it can unsettle us. But as mentioned, this is a learning opportunity to explore WHY.

Note; “practice makes perfect” but let’s make sure you get invited back but if you don’t, well, that’s another learning all in itself.

After my recent ABC Adelaide (891) interview with Ian Henschke and Deb Tribe, I mentored myself! What should have been said in my ABC891 interview…

My goal was to give the listeners the opportunity to appreciate I am worthy of an “aged care advocate” title. While I achieved this in an OK way and the segment was well received by those who provided me with feedback, being the critical of self perfectionist that I am, I could have said it better. So here it is in summary to recap (just because):

As a 51 year old female who has raised 2 daughters,

  • I care for my mother… and there are a million complexities behind this statement – but for now this one will do. If you ever have a spare hour, I have written a few articles about my journey here: /category/carer/
  • I work in an aged care industry peak body
  • I have previously worked and volunteered for an aged care providers
  • I am a microvolunteer, with my energies in this space focused on supporting the reduction of isolation for our elders (yes, it’s a long term goal as many still grapple with online, let alone digital volunteering / online)
  • I am a consumer advocate
    • I am on the Board of Health Consumers Alliance of SA
  • I have professional training in the area of how to manage social media conversations in the “health space”
  • I was an invited participant to the Digital Heath consumer forum run by federal government
  • I run a Facebook Group for Carers
    • I have previously worked for Carers Support, a NFP
  • I have previously worked for companies doing community engagement projects
  • I work with UniSA colleagues to look at research into creative combined with digital initiatives to generate conversations in relation to a raft of topics such as student engagement and business innovation, however the most recent topic has been that of our elder, wiser generations, or older people and retirees. The conversations continue because, well quite frankly… it’s a big topic.

Which begs the response; there are many voices, conversations and thoughts of which I am privvy.

There’s a heck of a lot of knowledge in this person; I can see the big picture, coalface dilemmas, personal emotional angles, personalities, reasons, both sides and around corners. Some of it is good, some of it not, but all of it well meaning in oh so many ways.

And the reason why my aged care consumer voice journey has begun.

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