Let’s share mother’s day again; via an app

Mum has always loved getting my postcards sent to her via Touchnote.

If you haven’t heard of it, Touchnote is a postcard-sending service.

#hattip Touchnote first came into my world via Helen Sanderson.

The Wiki explanation of Helen is this: she is CEO of Helen Sanderson Associates and Director Emeritus of the International Community for Person-Centred Practices. She has been closely involved in the development of person-centred thinking and planning in the UK over the last 15 years, and has written extensively on person-centred thinking, planning, community building and Individual Service Funds. HSA were runners up with Borough Care in the National Dementia Awards 2012 in the innovation category.

I was privvy to a short training session conducted by Helen when she came to Australia last year. More about her here: helensandersonassociates.co.uk/

How is this relevant?

Well, Helen uses the Touchnote app when she visits people living with dementia.

She explained, at the time of the visit, they will have fun taking a snap shot, and then afterwards she will use Touchnote to create and send the results to them. By the time she visits again, she can point to a photograph on the wall (or picture book) to help with recognition of the previous visit(s).

This is such a great tool for anyone, at any age. Like me! Mum has now received quite a few!

How is this relevant to Mother’s Day (when my mother doesn’t have Dementia)?

Well, it occurred to me, we could all share mother’s day again. We could create a memento of the day with a postcard. I have…

It wouldn’t matter if your mother had dementia or not… what a lovely thing to do for her (and mine); to create an instant postcard (or card) with some special moments captured from today, and pop it in the post through the easy convenience of your mobile phone.

Note; yes there is a tiny charge (in Australia each postcard costs about $2.50 but that includes printing and postage).

Here’s a screenshot example of one I created earlier:


This post sounds sponsored, however it isn’t. I just really like the service and it has been of great use. Free plug.

More information

Touchnote’s mission is to become the app used by everyone to share real, printed photos with loved ones – surprises that brighten people’s days and help keep loved ones close. They started on this mission in 2008 in London and they have since sent over 8 million cards worldwide. They feature on grandparent fridges worldwide (apparently).


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