The hidden impact of getting mum to smile

The journey that started with “The hidden cost of becoming a sudden carer is more than just emotional
Is more like a playground
Is more revealing than expected
of not caring with dignity and it being a stop start stalling affair started to settle down with it growing on you.

However, today, we continue.

There is nothing more precious than getting mum out to make her smile.

She can be hard work some days but she doesn’t deserve to be yelled at and intimidated by another resident (who is known for this), which is what happened this week.

I got her out.

It annoys me that I didn’t find out til two days after the incident, and only by chance. By the time I found out, she was in a dark place.

I get that staff are pressured (of course I do, I work in aged care).. but there must be a way we can simplify all this and make it easier on everyone, without blame. Soon. Now.

What’s stopping us?

I scratch my head as I don’t have a solution (which frustrates me more).

Mum’s solution?

She wanted to move out (flight).

But in reality she just wanted her feelings of feeling unsafe acknowledged. To be heard. She calmed down (but she doesn’t feel safe which is sad).

In the meantime, we still have issues with Centerlink.

They now think she is worth half a mil (cracks me up in a crazy way?). So I have Anglicare back on my back wanting more money from her (which she doesn’t have).

I’m trying to sort through all the issues and paperwork but it’s hard, especially when you just want your mum to smile.

There are only so many hours in a day. Keeping someone safe and happy should be easy, right?

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