Poem | Love to you. 2021 Christmas

2022. We are going to need to dig deeper
2021. So grim reaper
Saint Nicholas is on his way
With joyful times and Christmas holly
Frankincense and folly.

To all my friends in covid clear
To those sharing their fear
Troll the ancient yuletide carol
Sing out loud
Chant merrily and be proud.

You better watch out, you better not cry
There is no time to sigh
Relax and be with peace
It’s a most wonderful time of year
Hold your loved ones near.

To my beautiful family here
To those held in my heart dear
It’s goodwill to all people
And as this pandemic goes
Hoping common sense bestows.

Another year gladly
Go forth and conquer, not sadly
Say a daily prayer, because
Stay away in a manger
The vaccine will save ya.

Charlie be thy name
Christmas poems are my game
For the love of it true
It keeps my mind a thinking
While everyone else is out drinking.

Love to you.

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