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Is This The Profile Of The New Social Networker? by Allan on July 14, 2008



Here are a few images from local media:

Book review: Unearthing’ by LEE HOPKINS on OCTOBER 9, 2011

Lee says, “At the end of this book Charlie leaves me wanting more, which is a good thing. For example, a couple of times she mentions that the fates were not kind in the lead up to events, but she doesn’t elaborate. It would have been nice to know what those ill-tempered fates were, as much for the ‘what to watch out for’ factor as wanting to share in her pain because we care about her and her group. She no doubt displays good manners in choosing not to share. All in all, ‘Unearthed’ is a fabulous snapshot of the growth of a group and how social media has been an underpinning platform in its development.
Thank you Lee.

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