Social media training, socially. For company people.

The concept is aimed at the company employee who when online generally needs to stay within pretty strict guidelines that follow codes of conduct. To help answer the question of “What can I do, to still build my online profile?“.

We feel your value as an employee increases with a good (online) reputation (assuming your offline reputation is intact of course).

How do you get it – how do you keep it – under the watchful eye of a strict code of conduct?

We will guide you. On a wing and a prayer.

Many companies don’t have online (social media) policies and guidelines to be frank (or strong enough ones) – therefore it is best to follow general online etiquettes and not let your reputation be tarnished by silly mistakes. We look at building your online profile and reputation in best case scenarios.


Personal Development Mentoring Offers

A Start; Online Reputation Basics

Courses and mentoring are available. As are a few blogs for general reading:

Being an Executive Online

After hours phone mentoring is available, as is relaxed weekend chats. All confidential.

Medical and Health Professionals

You’ll be wanting to raise that academic profile. Bounce ideas and make sure you are not crossing an ethical line. All confidential.


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