Wine Slang

Start the Slang; #wineloverslang

Plenty of phrases from the hipster generation have lasted into modern conversation: people still get bent out of shape, annoying people still bug us and muscular guys are still built.  So, we feel it’s time to create a #wineloverslang.

Examples from the hipsters:

A shape in a drape; A well-dressed person. “Usually she just wears jeans, but she sure is a shape in a drape in that dress.”

Dixie fried; Drunk. “It’s Friday and the eagle flies tonight. Let’s go get dixie fried.”

Gin mill cowboy; A bar regular. (A gin mill is a bar.) “Cliff Clavin was the flossiest gin mill cowboy of all time.”

Interviewing your brains; Thinking. “I can see you’re interviewing your brains, so I’ll leave you alone.”

Mason-Dixon line; Anywhere out of bounds, especially regarding personal space. “Keep your hands above the Mason-Dixon line, thanks.”

Noodle it out; Think it through. “You don’t have to make a decision right now. Noodle it out and call me back.”

Slated for crashville; Out of control. “That girl’s been in college for five minutes and is already slated for crashville.”

Agitate the gravel; Leave quickly. “We’d better get out of here, Brett. Come on man, agitate the gravel!”

Can you come up with any for our #winelovers?

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