Tasty Wine Walks for #winelovers

unearthingwineJoin our “pub crawl” style event with a twist!

When you consider how many wine bars have popped up in recent years across Adelaide, we figure it’s going to take a while to “finish the walk”.  Why? Well, we only select two to three new wine bars within close proximity from each other for each event.

We start at one, spend an hour or so and then move onto the next.

Attendees can join for the whole walk – or pop in and out as we go (ie some like to linger longer if they enjoy one venue).

We encourage everyone to be creative and devilish in their wine choices, to discuss the wine they have selected with others in the group and to post pictures and share their comments via the event wall. We use the hashtag #winelover or #tastywinewalk (well, we do when people don’t talk too much and have time to post).

Events are free, however all food and wine purchases are your own. (BOW)

Note: Event links go into the Facebook”group”. As you know with these types of group memberships – you need to request access first. If you live locally, it’s easy… if you express the desire to travel over for our events, that’s even better!

Schedule for 2017 #tastywinewalk

Sunday 29 January CRUSH 2017 | *Make own plans and hook up?


Saturday 4 February The Forgotten Follies Cabaret Cruise

Friday 17 February Winelovers go to Fringe; Confessions of a Piano Chick https://www.facebook.com/events/730766830422307/

Friday 24 February Trivia & Wine Night with KG


Friday 10 March Winelovers go to Fringe; KareokeME https://www.facebook.com/events/1880440295575557/

Wednesday 15 March Fringe Jessika-May’s: I Love You To Bits! And Pieces


Saturday 22 April – Winelovers 10 Year Anniversary Ball



Tasty Wine Walk #16 | 21 January | King William and Unley Roads = a night of #poetry



Completed events from 2016

Winelover Christmas | La Buvettetive With Sparkles


Tasty Wine Walk #15 | King William Back Streets (BOW)

“Lifting Spirits”
Mayfair Hennessey, Hains & Co, Proof. “After party” @ Kings Head.

Tasty Wine Walk #14 | The Wheaty (BOW)
1 Oct 2016: facebook.com/events/1754387948139211/

Tasty Wine Walk #13 | Prospect Road (BOW)
20 August 2016: facebook.com/events/287814398225353/

Tasty Wine Walk #12 | East End Adelaide (BOW)

Wassail Wine Bar (95 Prospect Rd), Royal Oak finish
30 July May 2016: facebook.com/events/1720750971513916/

Tasty Wine Walk #11 | Gresham Place, Adelaide (BOW)
28 May 2016: facebook.com/events/1533703196934234/

#11 had us visit 3 in a row; LaBuvette, Bibliotheca (sp?) and Mississippi Moon. Highly recommend all. Extra bonus point; we had a person in wheelchair with us and LaBuvette were 100% delightful about it! Loved the card playing at MM.


Tasty Wine Walk #10 | East End Adelaide (BOW)
23 April 2016: facebook.com/events/1143402359017841/

#10 we all loved the @BRKLYN in Rundle Street. We believe it to be the location of the old Dave Evans Gallery , so we got to reminiss about Dead Reds Two! The photo study – before and after photos. We didnt do too bad.

Tasty Wine Walk #9 | Hindley Street (BOW)
26 March 2016: facebook.com/events/995493073845471/

Tasty Wine Walk #8 | Beach Bars (BOW)
20 February 2016: facebook.com/events/1096405730372630/

tww8Tasty Wine Walk #8 was more social saunter with Shaw n Smith but it was very much enjoyed by all. Each social gathering is different. Even the people!!

Photos with thanks @kaywalker and @viccolinge

Tasty Wine Walk #7 | Summer Beer –  The Wheaty (BOW)
23 January 2016: facebook.com/events/442960825904248/


Tasty Wine Walk #5 | 7 November 2015, Peel Street. The story of Wine Walk #5
Tasty Wine Walk #4 | 29 August 2015, Hutt Street
Tasty Wine Walk #3 Extravaganza | 27 June 2015, Tram 

Tasty Wine Walk #2 | East End, Adelaide

Tasty Wine Walk #1 | 23 January 2015 | Venues visited included Uderberri, Casablablah, Waymouth, The Loft. The Story of Wine Walk #1

Gallery of images from walk #1

Photography by Antoinette Hunter, Social Photography

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