interaction with BigPond

dealing with telstra and bigpond has been a challenge. to say the least. frustrating. rude. inconsiderate are all words that spring to mind. and i could talk for hours on the subject of why. however i’d rather focus on the fact that its pay back time. customers rule.
a good thing happened to me this morning.

there was me politely trying to ring the number that they had provided via txt message to my personal mobile phone if i had queries. when i realised i couldn’t translate the number to call.
you see the number provided was 13POND. go on you try (love to hear if you can or can’t and what mobile phone you have) . i own a MotoQ. it uses a qwerty keyboard. so i asked a friend to translate the number for me. he has an iPhone. but he couldn’t either.
i got it eventually (thanks to Trev’s work colleague whoever you are).

but for BigPond, hmmmm i guess that just blows a stack of marketing dollars having to work out a new catchy phone number to drag in all your poor unsuspecting customers again. not that i should be feeling happy about this… but it did make me smile when i felt the smile wipe of that cocky BigPond sales guy face (over the line). a winning feeling. the customer fights back feeling. customers rule. it was good. great in fact.

so thanks MotoQ. and thanks iPhone…

….interesting though that a telecoms company hadn’t yet realised that the latest gadgets on the market – and in fact the very customer base they want would be people using the latest gadgets on the market – hasn’t caught up with the basic trend that their own phone number can’t be translated by those very gadgets.

just goes to show just how out of touch they really are.

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