Day Ninety Seven

Day Ninety Seven, originally uploaded by charlierobinson1966.

Cathy said to me tonight “do i ever sleep?” because i’m always out and about. Interesting. I mentioned i had two days at home this week due to illness and she replied “what you fit that in to?”.

I think an interesting part in this photo a day is for me to find a highlight. Some days that’s a real challenge, others it’s easy.

Like we went to the Winestate (magazine) wine event. You get to sample any bottle in the room (or several) and mingle with real wine experts and lovers alike. The room was packed. It was awesome and good experience for my own wine group to see all this in play. I have been to one before many years ago. They are a far more serious affair than to my own wine group… but it was still good.

Anyway… aside from that it had been a pretty regular day. I caught the bus to work (first time on the o-bahn), had a regular work day (project was approved) and went out for drinkies (no kids at home). That’s life 🙂

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