Day One Hundred & Fifty Eight

attended the AICC CEO Luncheon today. felt pretty privileged to be going i have to say but the subject was mobile technologies and the speaker was Horden from mNet, who I met years ago and have admired since. i would have eaten the left leg off of a horse to get there!! to further make my day i was seated at head table with him.


i was as a guest of the Independent Weekly, so it’s a big thanks to them.

and Horden did not disappoint. the presentation he gave provided a clear understanding of the current market in the advertising space… and how to integrate a campaign.

as corporate communications, whilst i’m interested in this advertising perspective – i am far more excited about learning how to “mobilise the workforce” and use mobile technologies to better advantage however i’m sure this will all come out in future speeches and chats.

as a social media avid follower i am interested in how we can better serve and interact using the mobile platform.

sitting with the Independant Weekly I was able to discuss how email newsletters, whilst becoming far more functional and glamorous in design – are becoming far less mobile ie you just cant read them via this interface. full stop. you get a bunch of code – unattractive victor!!

and when Horden was asked how many FaceBook users he has. he couldn’t answer (well… most couldn’t so fair enough) but he then said he was over it (FaceBook). well OK Horden, but please remember i personally reckon FaceBook has had a HUGE impact on how people interact using the mobile as a platform. AND the next big thing should getting some of the more sensible applications working BETTER via FaceBook on mobile. Because currently they dont… just think how many users and people would actively seek out their mobile fone then. woot woot.

it’s a great tool to get people understanding. so i wouldn’t knock it. just my opinion xc

3 thoughts on “Day One Hundred & Fifty Eight

  1. Hi Charlie,Horden is over facebook?! He is in a meeting right now, but give me until the end of the week and I will convince him to download the facebook app for blackberry!Cheers,Luke.


  2. Luke – I think if you check out his profile – he already has? But see what you can do… he might go back on what he said LOL and join the crowd teheheheee xx


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