Its a week since I last blogged here but it’s been a big week. I’ve written proposals, fulfilled contracts, continued moving house, lost access to my Facebook account and generally had a busy time of it. So, do please be patient!!

On Tuesday 8th June, my personal profile (Charlie Helen Robinson) was suspended by Facebook until they worked out an anomaly with an “unusual payment activity” that occurred.

Unfortunately it meant everything associated with this personal profileโ€™s email address ( had been suspended as well. This included all Facebook Pages created by my personal profile that were as sole trader ie the Dead Reds Wine Group, Charlie Design Consultancy and the newly created Social [Media] Butterflies.

I have provided links to the blogs associated with these groups if you wish to stay in touch for now but the experience has provided a very hard lesson and I want to share with others how NOT to have this happen to you! So, stay tuned as I learn…

In the meantime though – check this issue re Twitter (similar scenario to me and mine). Its obviously becoming something we need to have a voice in as time goes on as we interact more and more via these platforms.

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