Online reputation management has been a major risk to all and discussed frequently for businesses – my own included.

We’re all human – and not everyone likes us, that’s a fact. Of course if holding some form of public position (eg politics) this gets played out on a daily basis and almost becomes part of the job. However, for a regular girl with a regular business trying to make regular ends meet, the complications and implications increase. Word of mouth can be a vicious thing. But why is it different now?

One negative word online, equals, enormous implications offline.

Do we all have to become polished princesses (and princes) with no opinions if we wish to have an online personality, identity or business? Many would hark “yes”. But that’s in a perfect world. So, how should we conduct ourselves in our less than perfect world with our more than complicated scenarios?

Many would argue “with grace” and for the majority this is easy to do. But let’s be real, we aren’t graceful everyday… and neither are our friends. Some have less than savvy online capabilities. Where one may think they are doing the right thing, they really may not! the tried and true statement of “if you cant say it to your grandmother, dont say it at all” wins the day. Sometimes the negativity isn’t negative at all – sometimes it’s simply over the top and embarrassing. But it’s life.

Then there are moments when we should bear in mind that:

Due to the severity of online bullying, stalking, slander and malicious online behavior; it is now a prosecutable offense to partake in any of these actions using any form of electronic medium. This is now being pursued seriously by law enforcement initiative.

Unfortunately these scenarios exist.

Good tidings my friend, I hope we all win in the end. #peace