Healthy Heart Challenge 3 May 2011

This was about the heart, right?

I think I need a lung transplant first!! We took a left turn tonight and went UP the hill. I was ready to turn back after five minutes. Completely puffed. But we (Miss JM and I) forged on… this time with the dog in tow as well. Glad I did as we got a stunning view over the city and the legs felt good as we powered back DOWN the hill. Can quite easily say i felt good about it.

Let’s see if the great feeling lasts?

Anyway… I wanted to tell you a few of my plans. Firstly, you all know I love (#heart) my social media. So, of course I am going to have to weave this into what I do.


I’ve created a Foursquare checkin for my daily exercise. You can use for checking in too if you like. In fact I’d love to see who becomes Mayor (i cant because of phone limitations).

It’s here:


Ive created a Twitter Hashtag (#) called “#hearttime“. The idea is to “tweet” and chat using the hashtag when you are exercising, walking or doing your “challenge”. Let us know what you are up to, whenever and wherever you are! 

For those that dont know about Twitter Hashtags, here’s an explanation:

NOTE: For more information about these two services, check here:

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