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Colourful Facebook Profile Pictures Take Over the World

Is this another quick opportunity for Facebook to experiment and get data about human behaviour? It’s a good one! Story source: The Atlantic “Were all those Rainbow Profile Photos Another Facebook Experiment?

From other news…

Facebook is not the only technology company that showed its support for marriage equality. Apple has been supporting benefits that covers same sex partners since 1993. Google, Amazon and Microsoft also filed friend of the court papers in a U.S. Supreme Court case involving the Defense of Marriage Act, according to CNET. Those companies insisted that the lack of federal recognition of same sex marriages negatively affects company morale and makes tax benefits complicated.

And, have you seen all the header updates – Google, WordPress… etc

LinkedIn Professionals Take Note!

Profiles, let’s get back to basics (high unemployment means we need to make sure you are up to date!)

Top 10 things to do (or not do).

  1. Profile: clear head shot
  2. Profile: clear headline statement (use keywords)
  3. Profile: add contact details
  4. Bio: Use keywords.
  5. Bio: Be clear. Focus on what YOU want and promote that.
  6. Not so obvious: include 8 years on employment information (or 3 jobs)
  7. Not so obvious: say what the company does before you say what you do
  8. Not so obvious: use high level statements about your role – no dot pointed roles and responsibilities that make you scroll on for pages.
  9. Networking: Use the groups wisely and sparingly – don’t make it look like that’s all you do? That said, get involved.
  10. Networking: Read a persons bio before offering the deal of their life (in the work they already do). Don’t email an offer before establishing a relationship or connection with them.

Bonus tips:

Social: Congratulate, comment, share appropriately and be friendly – but professional.

Publish: On topic, relevant, interesting. Best content being FAQ’s FACTS and TIPS

Online Microvolunteering now set to be in UK Prisons?

Background to Microvolunteering. “An act, through time or skill online, to benefit another.”

Kinda like ProBono but not. It’s all online. A bit of research assistance, a bit of gamification, a bit of simply having fun and helping out. What can’t it do? Well, it can’t always get people out of the house. And it can’t always get people out of their pajamas. It can however get us all sitting with our PC, iPad or laptop listening to the FIVEaa broadcaster, as we tap away and help others. It’s that easy.

Websites like Mike Bright’s are reputable and safe. The types of “volunteering” you do, channel out from his website, have all been vetted and are safe.

Like “Free Rice”. It’s a word game that we play – that feeds others.

Or watching out for camels, swans, or wild dogs and reporting them onto an online and electronic map of Australia.

Or getting the Place Pulse bug and clicking away on pictures that look more safe, more populated or more urban to assist urban designers across the seas. It all helps.

It helps us reduce social isolation (we have something to chat about online with our other microvolunteering buddies) and it helps keep our brains ticking.

Opens up a whole new kettle of fish in the consideration for human rights. As in, access to education is a basic human right and giving access to the internet to perform such things of benefit to others, and teach of the benefits of giving, we could reduce reoffending.

Social media can be used in many different ways. It facilitates creative thinking as it never switches off – like the creative human brain, it can reduce isolation and make you feel “part of something bigger”, it can occupy and stimulate your mind when you are laid up in bed recovering from “whatever”, and maybe, just maybe, it can help rehabilitate people to appreciate a better way.

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