Social Media; One chunk at a time, make your online profile worth more than a dime

How do you turn your online business profile around?

One chunk at a time. That’s how. You start with the easy platform like Facebook and work your way through. But let’s be realistic (that’s my favourite part), you can’t do everything today (DOH). You need some type of a plan, and even though that plan may be in your head or in your heart, it will just take a bit of willpower, a little focused energy and some concentration to get it all going full steam ahead for you.

What was that famous quote “It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen“? Yes, that.

Social media. Be inspirational, conversational, sensational. Be you.

Here we consider how to turn your social media presence around.

**What is meant by “turn your social media around” is really a statement that you feel it’s not currently working for you as you see “no engagement, no return on investment of time or money for graphics or content and no real understanding of why you are even there.

Not working could also be in your head as you have lost the motivation or understanding of what you are doing and why. There are all sorts of reasons.

Following the steps below will give you back a flow and with that, results. More than a dimes worth.

Facebook. Step up quick.

  1. Give yourself a target (number, date, reach, something); a goal.
  2. Make sure the about section etc on your page is COMPLETE.
  3. Do a content WORD check across all page sections to ensure you are using your KEYWORDS.
  4. Ask yourself questions like “How will someone contact me?” “How do I want them to contact me?” “What if they contact me?” (shock horror right?).
  5. Loose the apps. Come back to them later if you want. Focus on content now. No distractions. Delete.
  6. Categorise your photo albums. Sort into easy logical findings. Add keywords into your album names.
  7. Write and post content daily. Minimum. Share articles from other sources, add images, use quotes, make a joke, comment or feedback, use tips, give advise, ask a question, share pictures, include a funny thing from your day, get a customer testimonial. Anything. Find out and watch closely to what your audience responds to. DO MORE OF THAT.
  8. Use your cover image for subtle promotions that LINK back to your website.
  9. Keep at it daily. Do it when you have your coffee in the morning, or cooking your dinner at night. It takes 5 minutes to find something and post. This is not rocket science.

How do I create keywords? Read this:

Twitter. Make it flow.

  1. Continue with Facebook, but now start a focus on Twitter. Follow the same as points 1-4 for Facebook.
  2. Just because you’ve started on Twitter, doesn’t mean you can forget Facebook, however, you can miss a day or post the minimum one piece of content daily knowing you are hitting the mark far easier.
  3. Upload a nice header image. Use their Help section and follow the steps.
  4. Update your bio. Link your website.
  5. Set up apps. Find something like the Tweet JukeBox and get that content happening at all times of the day, even if you aren’t there. It has a nice feature of thanking people you engage with automatically (there are heaps of apps you can explore, be careful which ones you select – err on caution)
  6. Search and find people who also write in your subject matter. Follow them.
  7. Retweet people who use your favourite hashtags if the topic is relevant.
  8. Reply to people who send you a message.
  9. Share relevant and original content at differing times each day. Notice any impacts this may have on website traffic (etc).

Instagram. Let’s get creative.

OK, Facebook and Twitter are humming. Kinda. Keep at it and it will grow. What we now need is a creative injection. This doesn’t always work but it’s worth a shot; for me, it’s like a commercial break. Light relief after all the serious heaviness of getting Facebook and Twitter humming.

  1. Create the account.
  3. Create something unique. A different angle. A cool filter. Black and white monochrome. Anything. Take photos using your mobile and play with the look Instagram filters can generate for you. Crop. Tip: A mistake people make is thinking they need to post all Instagrams. You don’t. You can generate the picture and not post. You can also generate a picture and then delete.
  4. OK. Now set up your Instagram to post to your Facebook PAGE, and your Twitter ie link your accounts. Use their Help section and follow the steps.
  5. Keep creating and post to your linked accounts as you see fit. Make sure the commentary on the posts are suitable for across platforms. Don’t use too many hashtags – one or two is enough.

Hashtags – what are they? Read this:

Google. The engine room.

Now we are getting serious. We need Google to sing as it’s one of those “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” moments.

First, make sure you have a Gmail account and then just follow the setup processes for Google+ and YouTube. It’s not necessary at this stage to do anything with them, but they are needed.

If you create news from your website, eg for posting on your Facebook and Twitter, make sure you also post it to your Google+ account feed.

From now on, it’s just a matter of “keep on keeping on”.

If you find at any point of the journey Facebook is lagging, give some of your posts a little boost (paid) or simply pay for an advertisement. For each step and focus, I recommend about a month however it does depend on the complexity of the issue (how long you’ve been off the online scene or if you weren’t on it to start with).

More tips you may enjoy:

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