Charlie’s Social Media Predictions for 2018: Consumers

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Seven C’s. Seven lucky star choices, challenges and cheers.

So, for my eighth year, let’s go into Confession.

The confession follows from a prediction of social media settling into our daily routines… for me, my daily bread.

As I say, I am a Social Media Native; Entrepreneur; Carer; Over 50; and I work in communications, live in social media and play online. While many are still running around claiming social media to be for the younger generation, I continue to witness people my age (the over 50’s) thoroughly enjoying themselves across all social media platforms.

And why not, it’s creative fun, consumer-driven and conversationally engaging.


The newsletter came into my world this year and inspired me in so many ways. Why?

It simply embraced the meaning of people over 50 to have meaning.

David Stewart’s is, in essence, a marketing and market research agency. However, it’s whole ethos and philosophy is to embrace the older person contribution and wonder in our world. The agency looks to understand this person; how they add value, remain healthy, beautiful, and relevant. It is tackling the issue the media has continually tried to beat down for decades… that, a person over 50 can be marketed to.

We can. We are consumers.

I confess to loving shopping. I even love an online bargain or freebie from Facebook’s marketplace.

It is time for others to appreciate and grasp the older, wiser, more senior consumer. We are on the edge of the dawning. It will just take a smidgen longer but 2018 may be our year.


Of course, not all consumers consume goods. They also consume services. And while the community at large still see people in aged care as needing more policies and regulations to improve their circumstances, my prediction is for a soon to be released firm head slam dunk, as family members of these consumers rise up and challenge this lack of service, the same way they would a Telstra, Woolworths or Transport service.

Where some (not all) aged care service providers feel it OK to simply meet a set of basic standards required by a government quality agency, consumers have been proven time and again to have a different mindset. I feel that if they (service providers) don’t heed warnings already simmering beneath the surface on social media, they may face emptying beds far quicker than they can change their burnt out staff.


Of course, this brings challenges. All change of great magnitude does. Never before, well since the last time in the 60’s, have we witnessed such a massive shift in expectations from a generation. Our Boomers are one such group who have the capacity already, to be doing so.

But where is this all leading? Well, what started out here in 2011 as being a prediction’s post about all things social media, has evolved.

Back then most of my post was pleading companies to converse, engage and connect with their customers – consumers, or as I said, “they would flee”. Well, this statement remains true. In my world, it simply means the older customer – consumer as that’s where my professional focus has gone. And so should yours!

There is huge potential there.

Get cracking.

Rise to the challenge.

Jump into the black void and accept people over 50 have a voice, spending power, social media prowess and know how.

My confession. I will be doing the same. In any way I can.

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