Showcasing new technology and social media to a worldwide audience

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Once again the DeadRed Wine Group will be showcasing new technology and social media. This time to a worldwide audience.

Working together with Telstra and Richard Pascoe, who is the Adelaide Tech Guy (known from 5AA) the wine group will showcase the new Telstra 4G technology by streaming the event “live” (across the web), using UStream.

The show-case wine group event is to be held Friday 16 March 2012 at Headquarter Studios, 15 Kingston Street, Richmond, SA. The event will be broadcast online via this link:

As Telstra says on their website, Telstra’s 4G technology is about speed – awesome data speed. Typical downloads range from 2Mbps to 40Mbps and where 4G is not available; Telstra confirms that you still enjoy excellent 3G speeds. The UStream channel should demonstrate a clear, well-tuned transmission.

The DeadReds WineGroup has been unearthing old wine and unique wine experiences since 2007. DeadReds was initially created by the Founder, Charlie-Helen Robinson as “Bring out your dead reds” on Facebook in 2007 and then launched as a networking social group in April 2008. The groups experimenting began and they now use all forms of technology and social media to connect with each other.

However, with members frequently travelling from interstate to join others in Adelaide for the fun evenings; and a group now started in Geraldton, WA, technology was needed to connect the wine group members from all locations.

Founder, Charlie-Helen Robinson says “There are now over 1000 members worldwide, and we believe we have found a winning event formula. Yet we are not content to sit back and rest on our wine corks. Exploring the uses of technology and social media to connect us is what keeps us alive and fun. Of course, we also wish to be able to connect and ‘say Hi’ to our worldwide following and share our experiences in ways that is more human.”

40 Adelaide based DeadRed members will be in attendance to provide a backdrop of fun wine tasting for the UStream web channel audience.

The group has encouraged interstate and international members to join them via the web channel on the night.

Charlie says, “The main aim for the wine group had always been to unearth old wine and learn social media. I’ve learnt more. At this event we will now learn how to connect with our worldwide wine group members using the best technology available. It will be a wonderful show-case of how we can all connect and enjoy each other’s company – across the miles.”