Tasty Wine Walk #1

We started out back, it was a Friday night and it just got crazier; not the best choice of wine bar venues for a larger group. It was our first. We learnt lots about running Tasty Wine Walks, such as:

  1. Expect people to come and go
  2. Include your mobile number for lost stragglers
  3. Call to leave for next venue at the 45-50 minute mark as people are looking to purchase a second wine after that
  4. Don’t expect service from the wine bar staff if it’s a big group (they prefer intimate from what we gathered) – but it’s great if you get it
  5. The scout prior to the actual event is a god way to sus out if the wines are going to be any good
  6. Don’t attempt more than 2 wine bars and dinner…
  7. Keep dinner flexible.



Creative fun vibe place, but no South Australia white wine.






Everyone raves. We rocked up with 25 people and they wouldn’t open the upstairs bar for us. Poor service.


The Gallery, Waymouth

Always good.


The Loft

The walk left many lost, however the chairs and chilled atmosphere won over the rest. A great end to a hustle bustle night.