Tasty Wine Walk #9

We’ve learnt a lot from the past walks and the format is settling down nicely.

We select two to three new wine bars within close proximity from each other, start at one, spend an hour or so and then move to the next. When you consider how many wine bars have popped up in recent years across Adelaide, we figure it’s going to take a while to “finish the walk”.

We encourage participants to be creative and devilish in their wine choices, to discuss the wine they have selected with others in the group and to post pictures and share their comments via the event wall. We use the hashtag #winelover or #tastywinewalk (well, we do when people don’t talk too much and have time to post).

For this walk, we introduced poetry. It got interesting.

Here’s the wine bar line up, in order:


Worlds End. This was a meet and greet location. It’s good to see they have opened up the place, modernised (with grunge – if that’s possible) and given it a new back/outdoor area off the main front bar. The UniSA crowd would be loving it. We had our meet and greet vino and moved on.

Bank Street Social– 27 Bank St. Downstairs. This bar was swanky and suave and as they say via many reports, they boast a great range of local craft beer, cider and boutique SA wines. They do – however, nothing adventurous. No Fiano for example (no-one apparently knows what it is). This would be a young hip wine bar for the safe drinker wanting a “boutique label not grape variety”.

If you’re feeling a little peckish they serve PIZZA, made from house made dough and sauces made from 100% locally sourced produce. We can confirm they are mouthwatering and we ordered over and over again.

On recommendation, we sat up in the Loft area. A great experience once they turned the air-con on for the 20 of us.

Ancient World (next door to Apothecary) – 116a Hindley St. Was planned but we couldn’t find it.

So, we went across the road to Laneway. This is an outdoors venue in, you guessed it, a Laneway.

It has an art vibe and so it’s where we recited our poetry.

Photo by Peter Leske, Poet.

All up, a fun night. Frank & Convivial.