the morning after my virgin bronze body experience

**This blog has been a wonderful experience in SEO and Google land. Search terms. Keywords. How people reach and find you through a search engine. I won’t comment on the human attraction to a bit of naughty, but let’s just say, the experiment has worked.

This continues to be a popular post after over four years!

Standing in the shower looking down at my feet this morning I had the time to reflect my actions of the night before.

There in front of me was a brown puddle…

Kim had said this would happen.

It’s the leftover “stuff”

….from the spray washing away. Glad I wore my full length jammies to bed (actually a trackie LOL).

Now, what were you thinking?

Just before entering the shower I had a decent look at my skin all over.

To be frank it looked a bit weird!! but by the time the shower was finished i was so excited… my skin looked so naturally brown I felt like “Yep, I’ve just been to Bali!!“.

I aint showing the full effect but I WILL show you a bit of my leg and my smilie!! 🙂

Today, I have on leggings and a long sleeve black tee “just in case” some of the product still wants to come off.

By tomorrow it will be perfect for the ball. Yah – I’m liking this… yah

This bronzing was all done by Kim at Bronze Bodies Norwood. No idea what products they used on me BUT they do talk about that sort of stuff on their Facebook page – so hookup. Ask them Q’s. If you live interstate/international, I suggest hooking up with a salon that stocks similar products.

I’m really happy with the result. I have sensitive skin and everything is aOK.

Big smiles 🙂


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