This year, my daughters made it super fine.

Ups and downs; the psychology sound,
Spain for Amber created firm ground.
Miss JM’s flute was new love found,
Good to have everyone coming around.

Work continued my roller coaster,
Next year we may be a step closer,
Lets hope I do more than become a wine promoter?
It’s true, I’ll be a definitely be a voter.

Christmas with friends is no crime,
Grab a good tequila with a piece of lime.

For me, I’ve had a year of wine,
This new entrepreneurial start up of mine,
Am getting a good track record, so all fine,
Topped it off with a good man to dine.

Life is good, can’t ever complain,
Some days crazy, some days same.
I’m choofing along like a train,
Helicopter would be better, or even a plane.

So, when I reflect on this year,
There has been more happiness than tear,
And the horizon is almost crystal clear.
So, I say merry Christmas to you, my dear.

Christmas with friends is always a good time.