Healthy Heart Challenge #hearttime 9 June 2011

OK, I’m a norty girl today – havent walked or eaten anything healthy. Even worried about the vitamins that sent me into cyberspace last night. Obviously need a big kick up the bum!!!

Reading the card on my desk “Live in the moment and make it so beautiful that it will be worth remembering” had me have an energy packed day though!! Computer problems were sorted, client twitter account issues were sorted, a few contract applications were sent off and I contributed to an idea the Heart Foundation SA are considering. So, not all wasted!! And certainly not a bad day.

Facebook news:

I have a fun new thing in Facebook to play with – and share. Ive seen for a while now the little photo icon under the message box (when inboxing or chatting to another). Yesterday I worked out (yes, I’m a blonde sometimes) that if I click on it, it opens my webcam and I can click a picture of myself (like below) and send it to my recipient.

woOt. Look out… MORE fotos? ahahahaaaa #hearttime fun

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