Charlie-Helen Robinson

Listening to the waves crash, my heart hurts, no purring. Trying to seem happy, my head screams, no slowing. One day, one step, no rest. Stress thumps crown, a gut wrenching moment, no glory. People say it improves, we learn, no compassion. Backed in corner, walls look dim, no shade. One week, two steps, back again. Listening to opinions, my head hurts, all slurring. Going through fog, I stumble, no welcome. People say it helps, we lean, no strength. Listening to the mumbles, my ears pricked, not safe. Triggered to death, my body tired, no gain. Strained nerves break, tight chest pain worry, no give. One month, two people, it breaks. Listening to my heart, giving it peace, no more. It's time to listen. Listen to the stream.

Neil Gaiman's Wedding Poem

This is everything I have to tell you about love: nothing This is everything I learned about marriage: nothing Only that the world out there is complicated, and there are beasts in the night, and delight and pain, and the only thing that makes it okay, sometimes, is to reach out a hand in the darkness and find another hand to squeeze, and not to be alone. It's not the kisses, or never just the kisses: it's what they mean. Somebody's got your back. Somebody knows your worst self and some how doesn't want to rescue you or send for the army to rescue them. It's not two broken halves becoming one. It's the light from a distant lighthouse bringing you both safely home, because home is wherever you are both together.

So this is everything I have to tell you about love and marriage: nothing, like a book without pages or a forest without trees.

Because there are things you cannot know before you experience them. Because no study can prepare you for the joys or the trials. Because nobody else's love, nobody else's marriage, is like yours, and it's a road you can only learn by walking it, a dance you cannot be taught, a song that did not exist before you began, together, to sing. And because in the darkness you will reach out a hand, not knowing for certain if someone else is even there. And your hands will meet, and then neither of you will ever need to be alone again. And that's all I know about love.